APS May meetup – Guide to Magic Mushrooms

Come join us for a relaxed autumn afternoon in Belgrave where we will be talking all about a variety of fungi, including the so-called ‘magic’ mushroom.

Entry is $10 from 3:30pm on Sunday May 7th at Sooki Lounge in Belgrave

The afternoon will begin with an informative discussion about mushrooms in Victoria, including information on how to avoid the deadly and dangerous mushrooms in Victoria which may at first glance seem similar to other, preferable mushrooms. We will also hear about the science behind the therapeutic use of psilocybin.

Later in the afternoon, we will open up the floor to discussion on your personal experiences with mushrooms.

Live music from the Preston Skate Massive wraps up the afternoon, while you dance, peruse our psychedelic book store and chat with the community.

Most importantly, it is an opportunity for you to come down and keep in touch with the community!

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