The Beginning of the End of the War on Drugs Party – SSDP Conference Launch


Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia are having their first ever conference and they’ve invited the Australian Psychedelic Society to help launch the event with a party!

Gather and celebrate the achievements of both the APS and SSDP. Let’s celebrate the psychedelic renaissance, the push towards drug law reform and a beginning to the end of the war on drugs.

We’re gathering some bass-witches to wobble your cellular mainframe, along with some other sensory joy. If you have something artistic you’d like to offer to help us pretty-up the night, get in touch!


Music from DJs:

Emily Roseman

Dj Vixen


Friday the 11th of August 2017


City of Melbourne Bowls Club
Flagstaff Gardens  WEST MELBOURNE

Melbourne Documentary Screening: ‘Notes on Rave in Dublin’

Notes On Rave In Dublin is a roller coaster ride through the birth pangs of dance music in Dublin. From the democratic romance of those early loved up dance floors, to how a cold social stratification and commercialisation crept back. Leaving it up to a network of outsider labels, pirates and ravers to establish an indigenous scene that they call their own. This is a story of how an underground works, mutates and survives.

The Australian Psychedelic Society invite you to join us for this film’s first screening in the Southern Hemisphere.

Notes on Rave in Dublin provides a timely analogy for the challenges we are locally experiencing, such as ‘Operation Safe Night’ and the Police Minister’s announcement that there are plans to ‘crackdown’ on doofs.

Read about the story behind the proposed crackdown, written by Dancewize’s Steph Tzanetis and published by AOD Media Watch.

On Saturday 17 of June, the Herald Sun published what they claim was an exclusive interview with Police Minister Lisa Neville. They “revealed” that ‘Police [were] to get new “stop and search” powers to stamp out drugs at dance festivals’. READ MORE…

We’ve arranged speakers from around Melbourne’s club scene to talk about their initiatives that support the creation of safe and inclusive spaces.

Speakers include:

Enpsychedelia‘s Nick Wallis will host as MC.

Come hang out with the community and watch this documentary about the wonders of the underground music scene.

$10 on the door

First in, first served; you’re welcome to BYO snacks and pillow (just in case we fill up).

Thank you to the Hope Street Arts Collective for hosting this event.

Adelaide Meet & Greet

A casual opportunity for people in Adelaide interested in psychedelics to get to know each other each and discuss this most interesting of subjects.
Our goal is introduce new people and link up existing networks to begin to build a larger, more knowledgeable community.

Sunday the 25th of June at 1pm

Gather at the medicinal garden which is next to the cactus & succulent garden.
On both maps the cactus & succulent garden is numbered “5”.
The medicinal garden is the circular garden immediately above and left of the cactus garden, and below ‘Gingko Gate’.

Inaugural Sydney Meetup and Movie

Please join us for our inaugural launch at 107 projects, Redfern, Sydney where we will be screening the film ‘Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary

Event starts at 12:30pm on Sunday July 9th

Tickets $8.31 + bf online (any tickets left will be sold on the door for $10)

The film is an intimate portrait that celebrates the complex, controversial characters and epic friendship between Harvard psychology professors Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert as they probed the edges of consciousness and shaped a generation through their experiments with psychedelics. Narrated by Robert Redford, this intimate portrait spans 80 years of rare footage and never before seen interviews that re-assess the lives of two iconic figures, their work, their successes and failures, the times they lived in and their remarkable shared journey through life.

We will begin with an informal introduction by the organisers and a brief primer to the film grounded in personal encounters with Ram Dass himself by one of our members. After the film we will be opening up a dialogue with those wanting to stay, to discuss our shared vision and what members see for the future of the Sydney APS with a focus on APS objectives and discussing strategies for building and supporting the psychedelic community in Sydney.

Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary from Dying To Know Movie on Vimeo.

APS June Meetup – Psychedelic Science Recap

The Australian Psychedelic Society (APS) are hosting an afternoon of psychedelic science at the The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne.

In 2016, a number of organisations who helped bring together the Australian Psychedelic Society hosted a fundraising dinner (click the link to hear interviews and read more about the event) at The Florey Institute, as part of the Global Psychedelic Dinner. The event helped to raise $6000 for the Multi-Disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) which has gone toward helping MAPS purchase one kilogram of MDMA manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), to be used in their upcoming Phase 3 clinical trials to make MDMA-assisted psychotherapy a legal treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

You can read more about the on-going research at the MAPS website.

The struggle to get similar research happening in Australia is ongoing. Dr. Stephen Bright from Australia’s Psychedelic Research In Science and Medicine (PRISM) spoke with the ABC recently, “The key problem that we have is we’ve faced academic conservatism… Here we have treatment that has a tremendous amount of evidence that is supporting it, yet the universities are not willing to engage in it for fear of the potential consequences, such as poor media.”

The conversation around MDMA psychotherapy in the United States has largely revolved around PTSD in returning war veterans. PTSD can occur in people for a number of reasons, including war and extreme emergency situations. Front line emergency workers such as paramedics, firefighters, emergency room doctors and nurses and police officers often face potentially traumatic situations that may result in a PTSD diagnosis.

MDMA assisted psychotherapy for PTSD is just one of many psychedelics that have medicinal purposes that could help to revolutionise psychiatric care.

A small handful of APS core people attended the recent Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland, Caliufornia. To get a taste of what to expect at the upcoming event, check out this post:

Psychedelic Science 2017 – Dean and Mel chat with Dr. Ben Sessa

At our upcoming event, five speakers will be updating you on the latest research they discovered at the Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland. You will also have a chance to ask questions to the panel of speakers.

Our speakers are:

  • Dr Nigel Strauss – Psychiatrist at the Millswyn Clinic and Professor at Deakin University.
  • Dr Martin WIlliams – President of PRISM, Structural biologist
  • Melissa Warner – Founding member of the Australian Psychedelic Society
  • Dr Dean Wright – Founding member of the Australian Psychedelic Society
  • Dr Giancarlo Allocca – Neuroscientist at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

The event kicks off at 3pm on Sunday the 4th of June. After the event, we will be heading to a local pub for more discussions, drinks and food.

Entry is $10 plus booking fee at Eventbrite.

We will also have our psychedelic book store setup at the event, so bring along some extra money if there is some psychedelic literature you’d like to get your hands on.

Here are three videos from last year’s event at The Florey Institute. These are provided courtesy of Entheogenesis Australia (EGA) who are holding Australia’s premiere psychedelic conference in December. Tickets on sale now.

Dr Martin Williams – Psychedelic medical research in Australia: The long and winding road

Dr Olivia Carter – Psilocybin in the lab and clinic

Dr Stephen Bright – A Critical Analysis of Psychedelics and Psychology


APS May meetup – Guide to Magic Mushrooms

Come join us for a relaxed autumn afternoon in Belgrave where we will be talking all about a variety of fungi, including the so-called ‘magic’ mushroom.

Entry is $10 from 3:30pm on Sunday May 7th at Sooki Lounge in Belgrave

The afternoon will begin with an informative discussion about mushrooms in Victoria, including information on how to avoid the deadly and dangerous mushrooms in Victoria which may at first glance seem similar to other, preferable mushrooms. We will also hear about the science behind the therapeutic use of psilocybin.

Later in the afternoon, we will open up the floor to discussion on your personal experiences with mushrooms.

Live music from the Preston Skate Massive wraps up the afternoon, while you dance, peruse our psychedelic book store and chat with the community.

Most importantly, it is an opportunity for you to come down and keep in touch with the community!

Bicycle Day 2017 – Melbourne

On April 19th, 1943 Albert Hofmann, took the first ever trip of LSD before cycling home. On his cycle home he begun to feel the intense psychedelic effects of the drug. Decades later we celebrate this fateful day and pay homage to the effect LSD has had on society.

Join us this Bicycle Day, Wednesday the 19th of April for celebrations from 6pm at the Hope Street Warehouse in Brunswick. 

The APS will be hosting a number of speakers, opening up LSD discussion to the room and finishing up with a screening of the new documentary The Sunshine Makers.

The Sunshine Makers is the story of Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully, the unlikely duo at the heart of 1960s American drug counter-culture.

Before the movie screening, we will be hosting a panel with speakers on a number of psychedelic topics.

Greg’s dog Sasha standing alongside Greg’s A-Frame after his arrest on the steps of Victorian Parliament on Bicycle Day 2016 for possession of LSD.
  • Greg Kasarik will join us to talk about his ongoing campaign to legalise LSD and other ‘transcendent’ compounds for personal/religious use.
  • Adam Karlovsky will discuss whether psychedelics can help discover facts about quantum physics.
  • Cameron Duffy will also be speaking about LSD

Our psychedelic resources and bookstore will be open for your perusal throughout the evening, so bring along some extra cash.

Come and mingle with your local psychedelic community. Find the others.

Tickets are $15 or $10 if you cycle – show us your helmet!

APS February meetup

“To fathom hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic.”

60 years has gone by since the term ‘psychedelic’ first entered the English lexicon. In that relatively short period of time, the communities that have arisen around the psychedelic experience have been marred by controversy, stigma and prohibition. Early research gave way to a counter-culture that rocked the US and other parts of the western world, eventually resulting in a prohibition that wormed its way across the globe. The 1980s saw new counter-cultures arise, with similar values to previous decades and new chemicals to explore. A new psychedelic revolution began, learning many of the previous lessons and taking a more controlled approach.

Research into the psychedelic substances grew into the wide-ranging and diverse research we see today.

Many terms exist to describe the variety of psychoactive substances, including the stale and factually questionable government favourite ‘hallucinogen’, the divine manifesting ‘entheogen’ and the overly clinical ‘psychotomimetic’.

Psychedelic has come to mean much more than an experience manifested by the ingestion of a substance. It is a word that has come to represent and reflect a greater culture and community, with a common interest in exploring the boundaries of mind and what the human experience is.

The Australian Psychedelic Society is part of a global movement of fellow seekers, looking to explore the many questions around mind and the human experience.

Kalacoma are a five piece trip-hop/electronica band, blending intricate and diverse sonic elements into a sound that seeks to wake long hidden elements of our psyche. By fusing electronic and acoustic elements, they layer intricate rhythms and filmic soundscapes with soaring melodic vocals, weaving diverse influences into something hard to pin down but seamless in its execution.

Sugar Sandwich will be launching their new single and EP, bringing you garage rock sounds with a pinch of psychedelic.

Find the Others: Sunday February 26th. Conversations, music and market.

— Running times —

3:30 Doors open
4pm – 4:15 – Speaker – Rob Wookie – 8 Circuit Model (Timothy Leary)
4:15 – 4:30 – Discussion
4:30 – 5:15 – Kalacoma
5:15 – 5:45 – Psychedelic Stories
5:45 – 6:30 – Sugar Sandwich + EP Launch –

APS launch at Rainbow Serpent Festival

The Australian Psychedelic Society – APS aims to empower our psychedelic community and culture through engagement and education in a safe and supportive environment.

We are launching at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2017.

When: 1.45pm – 3pm, Sunday 29/01
Where: The Cocoon, Lifestyle VIllage, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton, Victoria.
Steph Tzanetis of DanceWize shares her experience in psychedelic harm reduction.
Nick Wallis of Enpsychedelia, explores Thomas Roberts’ MindApps theory.
Ash Blackwell of Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia, discusses our right to cognitive liberty.PRISM: Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine present a panel on psychedelic science:
Dr. Martin Williams
Dr. Monica Barratt
Dr. Stephen BrightMelissa Warner and Dr. Dean Wright will host an interactive session talking about the importance of coming out of the psychedelic closet. Learn how these substances create change in your brain and why its time for you to start spreading the message.

Closing on stories of transformation from your peers