Psychedelic Science 2017 – Dean and Mel chat with Dr. Ben Sessa


EP95 – Aus Psychedelic Society with Ben Sessa at Psychedelic Science 2017



Dean Wright and Melissa Warner from the Australian Psychedelic Society were at the 2017 Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland California.

At the conference, they caught up with Dr. Ben Sessa, a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist working in adult addiction and senior research fellow at Bristol, Cardiff and Imperial College London Universities, where he is currently taking time off clinical medical practice to study towards a PhD in MDMA Psychotherapy.

Their chat with Dr. Sessa was played on Enpsychedelia, where the Australian Psychedelic Society regularly speaks to a range of people about psychedelic science, culture and other issues.

Dr. Ben Sessa is one of the speakers at December’s Entheogenesis Australis – EGA psychedelic symposium.

Tickets are on sale now at

Halfway through the interview, you’ll hear this track: Whitebear – Inanimate Incarnate


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